FOXEER SP Racing F303 Flight Controller for FPV Racing

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Controladora SP Racing F303 Foxeer.

Tamaño: 36*36mm
Agujeros de montaje: 30.5*30.5mm
Peso: 6g
Programa para ajustar: Clean flight software y es compatible con Boris B. Beta flight firmware.
8 PWM inputs;
S-Bus input, with built in inverter;
Spektrum Satellite receiver input with 3.3V regulator;
8 ESC outputs;
Two UARTs (excluding the dedicated S-Bus input);
Buzzer output.
Micro-USB connector
MPU6050 gyro/accelerometer but no magnetometer (compass) or barometer. This uses I2C so the max gyro update rate is about 2 kHz.
8 MB flash for blackbox logging. This is the same as the original SP Racing F3 board, but only half of the amount the X-Racer F303 has.
SiLabs CP2102 hardware USB to serial bridge (not a software virtual com port implementation). This means the Cleanflight/Betaflight configurator does not need to be reconnected after the flight controller is rebooted, for example on exiting from command prompt mode, because the CP2102 can remain connected to the PC while the CPU reboots.